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My Story


Over the past 10 years I have been able to travel the world and truly make a small dent in the way training and fitness is impacted. I believe in hard work and dedication while enjoying what we do. While life can be stressful and we can think of any reason to make an excuse, moving our bodies and taking care of our health should not be sacrificed. We only get one body in life, we should treat it like a temple. I tell my clients, what if your parents gave you the best most expensive car when you turn 16, you would wash it, put gas in it, take it in for tune ups, well why would we destroy our bodies when we are only given one? 

I’m a Nike global master trainer with an innovative and creative approach to training. I hold a bachelor of science degree from Portland state university with an emphasis on exercise physiology, and received personal trainer certification through the American council on exercise.

My devotion to fitness and well-being is supported by my education in community health, while my personal track and field background gives me the sport performance experience to develop the methods I now use to increase speed, agility, and power of my athletes and clients. I also use my years of experience to help people of all fitness levels to reach goals they set out for themselves. 

With over 16 years of professional and personal training experience, my programs focus on functional and performance training. I have worked with professional athletes and celebrities including Serena Williams, Nick Symmonds, Shawn Johnson, Adrian Duran, Hope Solo, Sofia Boutella, Alexandra Burke, Gabby Douglas, Lakey Peterson, and Lea Michelle. My unique expertise and well-rounded background also positioned myself as the ideal trainer and content developer for the Nike training club app, which gives consumers personal training anytime, anywhere.

I have taught NTC Live classes to thousands of people around the world. I’m also one of two master trainers in the Nike Kinect video game.

The mantra I live and train by is

“Anything is possible with hard work, persistence and dedication. Life is Dynamic... Train for it.”


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